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Transforming Fitness

Since 2007 we've been transforming the way people train. Our extremely effective functional circuit training style is perfect for every fitness level from beginner through elite athlete. You'll build strength and power, improve endurance and burn calories like never before. Whether you choose our large group classes, small group sessions or 1 on 1 training, you'll never view working out the same again. The next big thing in fitness is here at TTF

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Transforming Student Athletes

In today's competitive world, our youth need to be training....but they need to do it the right way. Using the TTF training style, our youth get faster, stronger and more athletic. By focusing on properly progressing each participant, we are able to improve performance while decreasing the chance of injury on the field, court or track. From cross country runners and gymnasts to soccer midfielders and basketball players, TTF is the answer.

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Transforming Lives

We are continually developing new items to help you get in great shape and transform your life. From books and manuals to follow-along training programs, we have what you need. By using the power of technology, we are able to create the perfect workout experience whether you are at gym full of TTFers or in the privacy of your own home.. Say goodbye to the guesswork and confusion of "exercise" and say hello to the power of Transformation Training.

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Everyone’s Favorite Circuit Workout

Over the last 8 years, the coaches at TTF have created an infinite amount of circuit workouts.  But no matter how many styles, moves, progressions and timing patterns we create, this one is always one of the best.  It’s a quick, efficient, effective workout in a style that you have to experience to really appreciate.

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Resistance Bands

How To Get In Shape With Resistance Bands

At TTF, we specialize in creating unique circuits workouts filled with progressions for any fitness level.  When it comes to our favorite pieces of equipment, we specialize at not specializing.  Our circuits use dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, mats, medicine balls, stability balls, boxes, barbells and even furniture sliders.  Because of the array of equipment, often

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