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We get it.  Getting and staying fit is hard.  It's confusing.  It's frustrating.  Can't someone just tell us what we need to do to live the fit, healthy life we desire?  At Transformation Training & Fitness (TTF) we take out all the guess work and give you a real life, manageable plan for getting the results you want.  Whether you take part in our popular group training program or choose one-on-one sessions, we have the solution you are looking for.

At TTF You'll Experience:

  • The Best Training
    Our training style allows you to get the perfect workout you need in the time you have.  Using limitless progressions and variations for all fitness levels, you'll get the results you want in just 30 minutes
  • The Best Coaching
    There are thousands of fitness programs available today, but it's the coaching that makes the difference.  At TTF we combine top notch programming with consistent coaching.  Keeping you motivated, inspired and accountable.
  • The Best People
    Our members have nicknamed themselves the TTF Family.  That's a great name considering some of our members have been working out together for over 8 years.  When was the last time you felt like someone truly cared about you in a gym?  It happens every day at TTF.
  • The Best Philosophy
    Whether you realize it yet or not, fitness isn't just physical.  In order to live our best life, we have to pursue fitness intellectually, emotionally and spiritually as well.  When we get it right, we realize there's no other way to live. 

What Others Are Saying:

Shane Melaugh UI/UX Designer

"You are all awesome. I love that you treat us as individuals. You know our names and circumstances. Love that! Makes it such a unique gym."

Jane Doe UI/UX Designer

"I like that the workouts are always different and don't require me to think too much after a long day. I like that you tell me what to do and time it for me."

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I have truly enjoyed being a part of program where everyone was considered to be on the same level and treated with dignity and respect, regardless of age or fitness level.."

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